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Your journey of recovery starts here.

This decision takes courage and strength, and we are happy to have you!

What to Expect

Initial Assessment 

In our first session together, we will explore your health concerns and reasons for pursuing nutritional counseling. We will ask for relevant nutritional, behavioral, and medical history. This can include dietary intake, food beliefs, and past experiences with nutrition providers. During this session, our registered dietitian will provide you with basic nutritional education, an individualized plan to implement behavior change, and a meal plan if appropriate. 


Once the initial assessment is completed, we will transition to follow-up sessions specifically tailored to you and your health needs. Our dietitians will review how you have been feeling, eating patterns, and behaviors since your last session. These sessions will include detailed nutrition education and plan modifications to help you continue achieving your health goals.

In-Network Insurance Providers



Anthem BCBS

Accepted Forms of Payment

Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover)

Personal Check

Health Savings Account

Types of Sessions

In-Person Consultation

Video Consultation
Our consultations utilize a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform to conduct live video chat sessions.

What to Expect

Insurance Provider Questions

Does your insurance contract cover you for (medical) nutrition therapy?

The billing codes to use are 97802 and 97803.

1. Insurance Coverage

2. Referral Form

Do you need a written referral from your doctor or insurance company?


How many visits and within what time frame are you eligible?


3. Eligible Visits

4. Insurance Deductible

Do you have to meet your deductible before insurance will pay for nutrition visits?


5. Referral Form

Which diagnoses are covered?
Cigna will often cover preventative care (billing code Z71.3.)

Aetna requires a medical diagnosis such as an eating disorder or chronic health condition. An example is anorexia (billing code F50.01) or Type 2 diabetes (E11.).

When you speak to your insurance company, ask the representative for a reference number, their name, and the date and time of shared information.  

Ask your Shine dietitian at Shine for the company tax ID. Your insurance will want to verify we are in-network.


6. Eligible Visits

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